Die Tora-wetgewing het net een plek na die dood en opstanding van Jesus

Met alles in gedagte waaroor ons die afgelope paar kere gesels het, wil ek vandag gesels oor die een plek waar ons as volgelinge van Jesus die Tien Gebooie of Tora-wetgewing kan gebruik in mense se lewens, en dan ook net in ONGELOWIGE MENSE se lewens!

Omdat ʼn gesonde sondebesef deel van die normale geestelike geboorteproses is in die lewe van ʼn nuwe volgeling van Jesus, kan ons die Wet gebruik om ongelowige mense bewus te maak van hulle sonde en sondigheid in die oë van ʼn Heilige God.

Baie keer vind ʼn mens wanneer jy met ʼn ongelowige gesels oor Jesus en wat Hy vir ons gedoen het dat hierdie betrokke mens dink dat hulle saak met God reg is en dat hulle ʼn “goeie lewe lei”.

Dit is daardie tye wat ek hulle vra of hulle al ooit gesondig het in hulle lewe. Ek vra byvoorbeeld vir hulle, aan die hand van die Tien Gebooie, of hulle al ooit iets gesteel het. En of hulle al ooit iets wat aan iemand anders behoort het, begeer het.

Dan help ek hulle om hulleself te toets in die oë van ʼn Heilige God wat sonde nie voor Sy oë kan verdra nie.

Sien, dit is van lewensbelang vir ʼn ongelowige mens om raak te sien dat die Heilige God ʼn mens met selfs net een sonde in sy of haar lewe, in die lig van Sy wese, moet straf met die dood, in die sin van die ewige dood. Elke mens wat dus sonde in sy of haar lewe gedoen het, moet hel toe gaan!

Dan help ek hulle verstaan dat al was hulle die enigste mens op aarde, en al het hulle net een sonde in hulle lewe gehad, moes hierdie Heilige God, omdat Hy ook vir hulle so liefhet, om hulle te mag genadig te kan wees en om hulle sondes te kan vergewe, Sy Enigste Seun as mens na die aarde toe stuur om vir daardie mens, soos vir elkeen van ons, se sonde Sy lewe te gee en te sterf, om in ons plek ons straf te dra.

Sonder ʼn diepgaande sondebesef in ʼn mens se lewe, is daar geen werklike besef hoe nodig hy of sy werklik ʼn Verlosser het nie. En kan hulle nooit werklik besef wat Jesus vir hulle kom doen het en hoe nodig hulle God se genade en redding het nie!

Kan ek afsluit deur vir jou ʼn persoonlike vraag te vra?

Kan jy nog daardie dag in jou lewe onthou, voor jou bekering, waar jy bewus geraak het van jou eie diepliggende sondigheid en jou totale verlorenheid?

In my eie lewe het dit op 10 Oktober 1969 gebeur, in my St. 8-skooljaar (of Graad 10). Dit is nou al soveel jare gelede, maar ek onthou dit asof dit gister was!

Prys die Here dat dit deel van my geloofstorie kan wees!

'n Film op YOUTUBE wat hierdie week se SLUKKIE NUWE WYN bevestig

Party van ons "leer" deur te lees, daaroor na te dink en dan te kies wat jy wil glo en aanvaar van wat jy gelees het.

Ander van ons "leer" deur te sien en te ervaar.

Hier is 'n uitstekende 30 minute-film deur die briljante filmregisseur, Ray Comfort, oor John Lennon, dit wat ek hier bo geskryf het, op 'n baie dinamiese manier oordra.

Jy sal nie spyt wees nie!

A prophetic word to all followers of Christ in South Africa on the 2nd of August 2018

With President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation’s late night’s speech still ringing in our ears, I heard the Lord saying the following to His people:

1. Remember My prophetic word to My people in exile in Jer. 29.

2. And reclaim and teach the heart of the Gospel of the Kingdom again to them, reminding them that it is a message of Insurgence.

Let Me remind you of My words years ago, in Jer. 29, to the leaders among My people who had been carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon.

But remember, they were caught up, in exile, in Babylon, in the midst of that terrible, unrighteous, discriminary, loveless Babylonian system.

My words to them through My prophet, Jeremiah, were the following:

“Thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel, to all the exiles whom I have sent into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon:

Build houses and live in them; plant gardens and eat their produce.

Take wives and have sons and daughters; take wives for your sons, and give your daughters in marriage, that they may bear sons and daughters; multiply there, and do not decrease.

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”

Of course, I’ve also promised to bring them out of that system when it is My time. 

I am God and totally in charge.

I am busy behind the scene with My Plan that nobody can change or stop.

Trust Me to be Your God.

Keep standing in faith on My Word and promises to you and your children.

Do not fear. Do not worry.

Remember My promises to you about what I am busy doing behind the scenes about the Babilonian system.

I've told you to get ready and prepare for a crash that is coming in the global money system, that is controlled by Mammon.

Remember, also, My Word to you in Matt. 6:33:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

For that reason, I am telling you to reclaim and start teaching My people again what the heart of the Gospel of the Kingdom is, reminding them that it is in essence a message of Insurgence.

Remind them again that the Gospel of the Kingdom was the fulfilment of Isaiah 40-55 and Ezekiel 43. Peace, salvation, and justice to the whole earth will be the outcome.

But help them remember that the Gospel of the Kingdom was an announcement that Jesus Christ alone is the Lord and King.

So, when you’ve chosen Jesus Christ as Saviour and King, you’ve pledged your allegiance to Him alone, not to any nation, empire, political ideology, party, or even specific church system or belief system.

Your allegiance to Jesus Christ is a direct summons to abandon every other allegiance and to offer total loyalty to Jesus.

Remember also that the gospel of the Kingdom is a joyful announcement that Jesus, the crucified and risen Lord and King, will put an end to poverty, injustice, slavery, and human suffering.

For that reason, it was good news to the poor and good news to the oppressed.

It also promised a new form of economics in the community of Jesus as the King, where all would have enough and where there would not be lack.

But it was also bad news to all earthly powers and those who are exploiting others, prospering on the backs of the less fortunate.

This message is, for that reason, a message of insurgence.

Because you live in an addictive-compulsive society, where capital has replaced community in the realm of economics. Wealth and power were identified with surplus accumulation.

In the old Israel, I taught them to circulate wealth by redistributing it to all and to care for the poor, rather than centralizing it through private accumulation.

I taught My people to practice Sabbath (which is under My New Law, now every day), which was nothing else than a check against self-limitation, production, and consumption. It was meant to teach My people the necessity to recharge, renew, and remember that all sustenance and provision is a gift from Me as their God and Total Provider. For that reason, I taught them to share their “stuff” with others, rather than to be possessed by their possessions. (Deut. 15:7)

You live in a world marked by predatory greed, which is nothing but idolatry. Therefore, see My word in this regard in Col. 3:5; Eph. 5:5; Luke 12; Matt. 6:19-24; Luke 16:1-13, etc.

See what I’ve told My Ekklesia when I’ve taught them to share her capital with other members of the community rather than privately accumulating it (Mark 10:29-30; Acts 2; 4; 2 Cor. 8; 9; and Romans 15.

So far the Word from the Lord that I’ve heard.

Dr Christo Nel 

Cell: 0827702397

Put the prophetic word into action here in South Africa

In the light of this Word, which I believe is from the Lord, this is my personal opinion about Land Distribution, job creation, and everything else in this context on the table at the moment:

I believe the only people I would trust doing this properly, is the Ekklesia, or Body of Christ.

Because, if they understand the Word above, and understand what He has in mind, we won’t have our own agendas or other selfish motives while doing it.

There will also not be a misappropriation of funds or selfish greed at work.

The following video on YouTube is an example of what it could be like:

© Christo Nel 2017